Play & Store - The Cottage
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Product Code: PS150549

£1,515 ex. VAT

The Cottage is so called because of the integral cottage style window in the left hand side of this Play & Store unit.

This window is fully glazed in super tough polycarbonate and is fully secure and weatherproof.

This single window provides a starting point for imaginative role play games whilst the unit itself provides the same internal storage and/or play space as the Double Store.

To the front are two independently lockable doors, the door on the front left hand side includes a “secret” inset window with window ledge.

There is a bolt inside the unit that holds the inset window in place.  The window can be totally removed and as such provides a terrific prop for imaginative play games; transforming this Play & Store unit into a serving hatch, ticket office or a million other possibilities.

There is a small removable door on the right hand side, giving another role play element 

This second door assists in the storage of this Play & Store unit as it creates an additional access and removal point and allows for greater manoeuvrability of larger objects and it also increases the potential for active play as it provides a circuit through the Play & Store Cottage.

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  • Dimensions
    Width Depth Height to Eaves Maximum Height
    2.2m (7ft 3in) 1.1m (3ft 7in) 1.4m (4ft 6in) 1.7m (5ft 10in)
  • Specification
    Play & Store

    All our doors are built with safety as a paramount concern. All are a special non-trap design, using a piano hinge down the whole length of the door, and then a rebate on the inside of the hinged side.

    • When the door is in the closed position there is a taper between the door and frame, so should little fingers be left in the way they will not be pinched.
    • The doors are made using 100mm x 50mm frame and then TGV attached

    The cut out inserts are made from 12mm external WBP plywwod with TGV glued and pinned to it.

    Play & Store
    • The decking boards are top quality 35mm x 125mm grooved redwood boards that are pressure treated. 
    • The deck boards are screwed to the pressure treated 50mm x 100mm timber bearers
    Play & Store
    • We ensure that our playground storage solutions external walls are built to with stand all weather conditions.
    • The framework is built using a good quality, 38mm x 50mm profile pressure treated timber planed and sanded with swept edges.
    • The framework is fixed together using zinc yellow screws
    • 12mm pressure treated cladding is fitted to the outside of the framework, this is glued as well as pinned with 38mm galvanised pins 

    Treated With

    Pressure Treated Timber

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

    All our products are built to fully comply with EN1176-1 playground regulations

  • Colours/Finishes

    This product is available in the following colour.

    Treated With

    Pressure Treated Timber

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

  • Guarantee

    Play & Store Guarantee

    • Our Play & Store structures are guaranteed against structural and design defect for 3 years - This does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events


    • Ensure that the product has an air gap maintained around it
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