Playground storage is a huge issue in schools and nurseries, so we offer a sturdy and innovative approach to outdoor storage solutions to suit all spaces and budgets. 

Play and Store offers secure, sturdy storage: Yet take out the play things and undo a few bolts and you have a play space for role play and creative play.  This flexible storage solution creates a practical, more interesting way to store playground equipment and fully utilises all the space. 

Our larger storage units can even be used as a play space and storage at the same time.  For the smaller units, the units are transformed from storage to play space in a few easy moves revealing “secret” windows or doors allowing for any manner of play options.

Being fully weatherproof and having a a carefully constructed sloping roof, rain retention is prevented making these sustainable wood storage units a reliable and useful playground addition. 

Delivering products for imaginative play and learning

Group play & exercise
Coordination & balance
Fresh air (in all weathers)
Dress up & role play