Children love to play, and whilst this is fun, it is also a crucial avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive and social skills.  Sand play is a sensory experience and a great tool for the development of all these skills. Children can dig in sand, build things with it, pile it up, knock it down, sift it, pour it and move it. Sand play really does allow for explorative play whilst also investigating its texture and qualities both as dry grains and compacted.  Add a little water to sand and it changes its physical qualities allowing children to make sand into anything that their imagination allows.We have a range of standard wooden sandpits to choose from or take a look at examples of bespoke designs we have produced to suit the exact requirements of schools.

A sandpit provides a play space that children can share working together to construct roads, build castles or dig tunnels whilst sharing tools and learning social skills.

Delivering products for imaginative play and learning

Group play & exercise
Coordination & balance
Fresh air (in all weathers)
Dress up & role play