Safety & Regulations

All of our products and equipment are designed and built to be entirely safe and we go above and beyond to guarantee this.

We ensure full compliance with relevant regulations, principally EN1176-1 playground equipment and EN71-1 children toys. As well as fully complying with all the relevant aspects of these regulations, all of our products carry the CE mark.

Additional Features

  • All timber planed and hand sanded
  • Rounded corners
  • Specially designed non trap doors
  • Floor and roof external grade plywood
  • Built from good quality redwood timber
  • Roof finished with two layers of felt
  • Screwed and pinned together using stainless steel screws and galvanised brads for additional strength
  • Fully treated with timber protection on external parts
  • Installed and checked on site and left ready for use by our trained craftsmen

Soft Fall Areas

Play equipment and platforms that involve children playing above certain heights need to take into account the surface that the child might fall onto, either deliberately or accidentally. The nature of this 'impact area' is dependent on its height and are detailed within EN1177 play area surfaces standards.

We comply by ensuring and advising that:

  • Platforms over 600mm high have a barrier along the edge
  • Topsoil or turf can be used as an impact absorbing surface on platforms up to 1 metre
  • The impact absorbing surface can either be a loose fall material i.e. bark, woodchip, sand, shredded rubber, a liquid pour surface or tiles
  • The depth of the impact absorbing surface is dependent on the height of the potential fall

Please note: In addition to the safety element, a further advantage of an impact absorbing surface around your play equipment is that it gives an all-weather surface and does not get muddy during wet weather.