School Treehouse
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Product Code: EPPHC120146

From £4,980 ex. VAT

This raised treehouse with additional platform and sandpit provides something for everyone and encourages multi-level play with a high platform to the left hand side which covers a sandpit below.

The playhouse sits on a platform 3ft (0.9m) from the ground and is accessed via a staircase.  The playhouse itself has a standard door to the front with a diamond shape cut out.  There is a rectangular non-opening window to either side of the door.

There are two additional rectangular windows in the right hand wall and a small diamond window on the left which ensure that plenty of natural light can get into the playhouse.

To the left of the playhouse there is another staircase which leads to a higher platform set at 5ft (1.5m). The open platform provides a great place for adventurous games and even provides a space for small group learning in the summer months. 

A sandpit underneath the higher platform provides a sheltered, more sedate play area.

All raised areas and staircases are protected by balustrade rails.

As with all our standard playhouses there are no moving parts other than the doors which have piano hinges and door knobs on both sides for safety. The glazing is polycarbonate and the internal finish is a smooth plywood lining. A soft floor is also fitted which can be easily removed and cleaned.

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  • Pricing
    i Mineral Felti Felt Shinglesi Cedar Shingles
    3.3m x 2.1m (10ft 10in x 6ft 10in) i£4,980£5,180

    The price highlighted above is the price for the build spec featured in the main project image.
    All prices shown are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated.

  • Dimensions
    Playhouse width Playhouse depth Playhouse eaves Height Playhouse maximum Height Footprint
    1.8m (6ft) 1.2m (4ft) 1.4m (4ft 6in) 2m (6ft 6in) 3.4m (11ft) x 3m (10ft)
  • Specification
    Playhouse with cut out

    All our doors are built with safety as a paramount concern. All are a special non-trap design, using a piano hinge down the whole length of the door, and then a rebate on the inside of the hinged side. 

    • When the door is in the closed position there is a taper between the door and frame, so should little fingers be left in the way they will not be pinched.
    • The doors are held closed with heavy duty magnets; this prevents a child getting locked in accidentally. 
    • The doors have a knob inside and out
    • The cut out window is glazed with unbreakable 2mm polycarbonate sheet. 
    Playhouse floor on a platform

    Playhouse - 
    A good quality wooden floor with the added benefit of having a waterproof membrane

    • 25mm x 50mm pressure treated timber bearers are fitted at ground level
    • BBA approved waterproof membrane fitted, this membrane flaps around the edge and fits under the wall panels
    • Top surface of 18mm exterior grade plywood  
    • A soft floor is fitted to the ground floor of the playhouse once finished - this floor can be removed easily for cleaning.

    Platform - 
    A standard platform construction for all raised projects, this can either be used as on open platform or have a building installed directly onto it.

    • Posts 100mm x 100mm pressure treated redwood planned with swept edges
    • Spacing as appropriate but a minimum of 1.8m centres
    • Bearers to be 100mm x 50mm pressure treated bearers
    • The structure is fitted together using 150mm, 100mm and 80mm screws, zinc yellow
    • Braces are fitted at the top of each post
    • Posts fitted into ground as appropriate
    • If required concrete is used to secure posts in to the ground
    • 125mm x 35mm good quality pressure treated grooved decking boards are fitted to the bearers using decking screws
    • A skirt is fitted around outside edge of platform

    For an additional cost the decking can be painted with an anti-slip paint, please ask for details.

    Felt Shingles

    A similar product to mineral felt, with the same durability but a more attractive finish which resembles individual house tiles

    • The roof bearers are fitted to span across the apex: the size would depend on the span but it would be a minimum of 75mm x 50mm.  The timber would be good quality redwood, planned with swept edges
    • 12mm wbp external grade plywood is fitted to the top surface
    • A layer of BBA approved breathable membrane is fitted as an under felt
    • A layer of felt shingles will be fitted as the top surface, this will be secured using galvanised staples
    • The roof edges will be secured with a facia board, the top finished with a ridge board and trim fitted to the bottom.
    • Guttering is always recommended and can either be fitted by us or retrospectively by you once installed.
    Playhouse walls

    Our playhouses walls are strong and sturdy incorporating plywood lining and a waterproof membrane.

    • The framework is built using top quality 38mm x 50mm profile redwood timber, planed and sanded with swept edges.
    • The framework is fixed using zinc yellow screws.
    • External grade WBP Far Eastern 6mm plywood is fitted to the outside face of the framework.
    • A BBA approved breathable membrane is fitted on top of the plywood. (
    • Waterproof tape is fitted at base of each panel.
    • 12 mm Redwood cladding is fitted to the outside of the framework (over the plywood and membrane), it is pinned with galvanised pins 38mm.
    • The outside face is finished with a preservative to suit.
    Non opening glazed
    • The windows are built as separate units; once they have been sanded and treated they are glazed with 2mm polycarbonate sheet.  They are then fitted and sealed using clear silicon into the wall.
    • The polycarbonate used is completely clear and will not fade or become brittle with time; it is 200 times the strength of glass making it virtually shatter proof.


    Walls finished in Woodruff. Door, windows, facia and balustrade rails finished in Smokey Blue.

    Smokey Blue

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

    All our products are built to fully comply with EN1176-1 playground regulations

  • Colours/Finishes

    This product is available in the following colours.


    Smokey Blue
    Opal White
    Chicago Grey
    Grass Green
    Mais Yellow
    African Violet
    Lancelot Blue
    Classic Brown (Discontinued)
    Deep Sea Blue (Discontinued)
    Deep Olive (Discontinued)

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

  • Guarantee
    • The product is guaranteed against structural and design defect for 3 years - this does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events

     As long as the maintenance instructions are adhered to, the product will last substantially longer.

    Maintenance Required

    • Ensure that an air gap is maintained under the base and around all sides; check on an regular basis to ensure that there is no build-up of debris.
    • Check edges and corners regularly to ensure that knocks to the structure have not caused a splinter hazard, if that has occurred sand down with sandpaper and re-treat the sanded area.
    • The wood preservative  will need re-coating every so often; (the same type of time scale as your house) this does depend on the prevailing weather conditions but would typically be 2 - 4 years.

    Be aware

    • If decking becomes slippery in the wet this is due to microscopic fungi on the surface, wash off with a diluted bleach solution.
    • If small mould growths appear on the inside this is due to lack of air circulation, wipe down with a diluted bleach solution as soon as visible.
  • Delivery & Installation
    • Delivery and installation to the UK mainland (with the exception of anything above Edinburgh/Glasgow) is included in the price of this product.

      We are happy to deliver throughout the United Kingdom and Europe but this would incur an additional cost, please contact us for details.