Complete Trim Trail
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Praised by teachers as a unique and enabling environment for young children, the award winning Trim Trail from Little Chunky is specifically designed for preschool children and has the concept of learning through fun at its core. 

Offering an array of activities, the Trim Trail is a great resource that combines playtime fun with opportunities for gaining physical confidence and multiple learning experiences.

Each Trim Trail contains three climb/crawl throughs, a circle, a square and a triangle, two balance beams and a stepping stone set.   The stepping stone set is made up of different shapes, a circle, square and triangle to reinforce the shapes of the climb throughs.

Fundamentally a resource for physical activity, the individual elements of the obstacle trail are portable and thus the trim trail can be set out in numerous different ways to make each play time different, keeping young minds, as well as bodies, alert.

Trim Trail helps children develop skills such as co-ordination and balance.  It allows them to challenge themselves by inventing different routes and rules around the trail and it encourages children to engage with each other to help each other around the trail.

Above all our obstacle trail is fun and exciting, bright and enticing and safe yet challenging.  A wonderful interactive learning resource for any school playground.

The balance beams and stepping stone set are finished with Proteckacote anti skip paint.

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  • Dimensions
    Climb Through Dimensions Balance Beam Dimensions Stepping Stone Dimensions
    Triangle: 0.7m x 0.7m (2ft 5in x 2ft 5in) 1m x 0.7m (3ft x 2ft 5in) 1m x 0.7m (3ft x 2ft 5in)
    Square: 0.7m x 0.7m (2ft 5in x 2ft 5in) Max Height: 20mm (8in) Max Height: 20mm (0.8in)
    Circle: 0.5m (1ft 7in diameter)
    Max Height: 0.7m (2ft 5in)
  • Specification

    Our Little Chunky products are built to withstand the rigours of the playground

    • They are built to comply with all the relevant aspects of EN1176-1
    • Top quality timber
    • Rounded and sanded corners
    • Flush fixings
    • Solid robust construction
    • 50mm thick solid pressure treated timber


    Climb Through Circle finished in Grass Green. Climb Through Triangle finished in Red. Climb Through Square finished in Lancelot Blue.

    Grass Green
    Lancelot Blue

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

    All our products are built to fully comply with EN1176-1 playground regulations

  • Colours/Finishes

    This product is available in the following colours.


    Mais Yellow
    Grass Green
    Lancelot Blue

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

  • Guarantee

    Little Chunky Guarantee

    • The Little Chunky products are guaranteed against structural and design defect for 3 years - This does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events.

    Little Chunky Maintenance

    • Ensure that the product has an air gap maintained around it and remove any build-up of debris that might occur
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