The Fishing Boat - Real Value
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Product Code: EPPHC191003

£1,750 ex. VAT

You won’t need to travel to the sea when you can fish from your own boat in your own playground.

The Fishing Boat is a wonderful low level play platform.  It is accessible for children of varying agilities and encourages children to work together to develop wonderful stories as a backdrop to imaginative play games.

Our play boat has a decking base that sits below 0.6m (2ft) at all points and can therefore be safely installed on either grass or tarmac.

A wheelhouse or cabin sits proudly on the deck and has an open doorway and lots of windows so that children can keep an eye on the ship’s captain and teachers can keep an eye on the crew.  The cabin is fitted with seats to the front allowing the crew to have a rest from time to time.

Seating is also fitted to the sides of the bow of the playboat.

The bow of the boat has two large open portholes through which the children can crawl to make a surprise entry or exit from the boat.

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  • Dimensions
    Project Footprint Wheelhouse Maximum Height
    3.7m x 1.8m (12ft x 6ft) 1.5m x 0.9m (4ft 9in x 3ft) 1.2m (3ft 9in)
  • Specification
    Decking - Ground level
    • The decking boards are good quality 38mm x 125mm grooved redwood boards that are pressure treated. 
    • The deck boards are screwed to the pressure treated timber bearers
    • A weed prevention membrane is fitted below the decking to ensure that there is no plant growth up through the boards. 

    For an additional cost the decking can be painted with an anti slip paint, please ask for details.

    Fishing Boat - Real Value
    • Our boats have an external grade wall used on buildings and parts of projects where the weather will have full access to the inside as well as the outside.
    • The framework is built using a good quality, 38mm x 50mm profile pressure treated timber planned and sanded with swept edges.
    • The framework is fixed together using  zinc yellow screws
    • 12mm pressure treated  cladding is fitted to the outside of the framework, this is glued as well as pinned with 38mm galvanised pins 
    • If the top edge is exposed an edge trim is fitted.

    Windows are built as a separate unit; once finished they are sanded and treated prior to being fitted.


    Walls finished in Pressure Treated Timber. Doorways & windows finished in Lancelot Blue.

    Pressure Treated Timber
    Lancelot Blue

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

    All our products are built to fully comply with EN1176-1 playground regulations

  • Colours/Finishes

    This product is available in the following colours.

    Treated With

    Pressure Treated Timber


    Lancelot Blue

    Colours are representative and may vary depending on your screen or printer calibration.

  • Guarantee

    The product is guaranteed against structural and design defect for 3 years - this does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events

     As long as the maintenance instructions are adhered to, the product will last substantially longer.

    Maintenance Required

    • Ensure that an air gap is maintained under the base and around all sides; check on an regular basis to ensure that there is no build-up of debris.
    • Check edges and corners regularly to ensure that knocks to the structure have not caused a splinter hazard, if that has occurred sand down with sandpaper and re-treat the sanded area.
  • Delivery & Installation

    Delivered flat pack for self installation