Classroom Loft Maintenance Package

The Classroom Loft Maintenance Package is a service offered to all Classroom Loft customers. 

The package guarantees that one of our ROSPA qualified and DBS checked maintenance team visit your school once a year to carry out maintenance and safety checks ensuring that your loft stays in tip top condition which in turn preserves and increases the lifespan of your Classroom Loft. 

The maintenance package frees schools from the time consuming task of performing risk assessments and offers the confidence in knowing that all safety aspects of your Classroom Loft are maintained by a skilled and professional team.

The checks will include the following aspects:

  • General assessment of the loft in situ
  • Sanding and varnishing any damaged edges
  • Checking all fixtures are secure
  • Repairing any minor issues
  • Replacing any worn flooring if required
  • Undertaking Health and Safety checks
  • Completing  a new Risk Assessment
  • Issuing a new Risk Assessment Certificate


£135 per Standard Loft per year

£175 per Bespoke Loft per year

Save £75 and benefit from reminder service if you sign up for a 5 year contract

£600 per Standard Loft for 5 years

£800 per Bespoke Loft for 5 years

If you have any questions or would like to sign up to our Classroom Loft Maintenance Package please email us at or telephone us on 01544 387103.