The Windsor Collection - Quadruple Tower
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Designed specifically for Early Years and Key Stage 1 year groups the Little Chunky Windsor Collection is a modular collection of towers and linking walkways that ranges from a single unit to a unit with four towers and three walkways.  

The Windsor Collection is built to withstand the continual rigours of the playground and there are no moving parts which makes it an extremely safe and low maintenance play resource.

The Windsor Quadruple Tower comprises four towers; two to the fore and two to the rear and three interlinking walkways and offers maximum fun with minimum congestion potential for large groups

The front tower is linked by a walkway of 1m (3ft 2in) to a tower immediately behind it and this tower is then linked by a walkway to the tower on it's right hand side which has another walkway attached leading to the tower in front. With numerous windows and doorways it gives good visibility both in and out.

The Quadruple Tower is a fantastic play resource offering a number of different circuits around a sturdy piece of playground equipment which in turn increases the potential for children to practice their balancing and co-ordination skills without even thinking about what they are achieving because they are having so much fun.

The walkways are set at about 50mm (2in) above the ground and as such are well within ROSPA’s Soft Fall regulations and are also finished with rubberised anti-slip paint to minimise mishaps.                    

All towers include fitted bench in each corner where children can take a well-earned rest or wait to ambush anyone daring enough to "invade" their tower.

The Quadruple Tower is a wonderful resource for early years play, allowing children to unleash their imaginations within a safe environment and each tower can be utilised as an outdoor area for storytelling or lessons in the summer months.

The Windsor Collection provides a positive environment for active learning.  There’s plenty of opportunity for lots of safe outdoor play where children can hone their balance and coordination skills as well as unleashing their imaginations to invent different games and routes around the towers.

The Collection also gives teachers the chance to combine different types of learning and bring ideas from play into the classroom – what do we know about castles? Has anyone ever visited a real castle? Who lived in the castle? The questions, like the play potential, could be endless.

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  • Dimensions
    Width Depth Maximum Height Footprint
    1.5m (4ft 9in) 1.5m (4ft 9in) 1.2m (3ft 9in) 4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft)
  • Specification

    Our Little Chunky products are built to withstand the rigours of the playground

    • They are built to comply with all the relevant aspects of EN1176-1
    • Top quality timber
    • Rounded and sanded corners
    • Flush fixings
    • Solid robust construction
    • 50mm thick solid pressure treated timber

    Treated With

    Pressure Treated Timber

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    All our products are built to fully comply with EN1176-1 playground regulations

  • Colours/Finishes

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    Treated With

    Pressure Treated Timber

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  • Guarantee

    Little Chunky Guarantee

    • The Little Chunky products are guaranteed against structural and design defect for 3 years - This does not cover acts of vandalism, misuse or exceptional natural events.

    Little Chunky Maintenance

    • Ensure that the product has an air gap maintained around it and remove any build-up of debris that might occur
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