A transformation of playground space

Matchborough First School Academy wanted a bare patch of lawn transformed into a space that provided a versatile play space for its children whilst being confident in its safety. The school chose a Playhouse with a sandpit which was installed totally transforming the space. Jackie Harris at Matchborough School gave her insight on the schools new playhouse and sandpit. 

Initial thoughts

"We watched a bare patch of lawn be transformed into a useful space for the new playhouse; the workmen were very accommodating and got on with the task in hand. Slowly but surely the playhouse was assembled and my first impression was how well it was made. The structure is both sturdy and robust which has given me the confidence that the children will be able to enjoy all it has to offer safely. Other staff members commented how aesthetically pleasing it was with 2 of them actually going up the stairs and then playing in the sand!!"

Autumn Term Update

The children are enjoying all that the wooden playhouse can offer them! Here are a few of their quotes:

 “I like going higher up the stairs” “I love to hide!” Reading a book in the house is great” “I like going into the den….I was so excited!” We had a teddy bears picnic in the house and we had the three bear’s food just like the story!”

The wooden playhouse is so versatile that it can be transformed into whatever the children’s imagination wishes it to be!

Over the next half term it will be a valuable learning destination for the children.”

Spring Term Update

"This half term the children have been explorers searching for and collecting eggs – chicken, crocodile and dinosaur!!!! They have camped out on the playhouse waiting for the eggs to hatch to see what is inside them. This a provided a link all across their learning, drawing together both factual knowledge and story book magic. The playhouse is so versatile it can become anything!”

Summer Term Update

During the second half of the Summer term we turned our playhouse into a building site, echoing our topic ‘People Who help Us’ and the real life building site that was happening at school, as an extension is built.

“The sand pit was filled with diggers and dumper truckers, plus some life size bricks and rocks and a cement mixer was used alongside as the children dug and built.

The house and balcony were a ‘project’ where the children measured, hammered and built, creating their own buildings - it was a castle, a fort, a shed and a school - whatever the children were interested in at the time. On one day the children had a visitor who could make paper aeroplanes, which were then flown from the balcony - we had an airport and they were flying off on holiday.

We have had a year of wonderful, imaginative play in and with our playhouse - I wonder what it will be next term?”