Classroom Lofts…..revisited

Recently I was having a chat with one of our favourite nurseries Paint Pots Nursery in Southampton. They have just opened up another new Nursery and it was great to see such a lovely, excellent Nursery doing so well! While talking to them about their new Nursery I was curious to find out how one of our Classroom Lofts was doing in another nursery.

4 years ago Paint Pots had one of our first Classroom Lofts. Harri, the nursery manager, wanted something that would be a ‘Wow for the children and adults and the main purpose of the loft was for the children to use it as a role play base’. So Richard created a big bespoke Classroom Loft that had the WOW factor. Plus the windows and small den area underneath were created for imaginative play.

I had a brief chat with Harri about how the Classroom Loft was used in the nursery and loved hearing how inventive she had been while using the Loft. She explained that the main use of the Loft was still Role Play and it had lived up to its purpose outstandingly. Each term the top of the loft changes theme whilst under the loft remains a home role play area for the children to explore and enjoy.

It was great to hear that even 4 years on the Classroom Loft was still going strong and was still a hit with all the children. Harri described that there is always a high level of fascination and suspense from both the children and parents as to what the Loft will be next. It has been everything from a quiet corner, a den, hair dressers and even a travel agent!

It’s lovely to hear about how our Classroom Lofts have transformed Classrooms and Nurseries. They are great for creating extra space and being used to fuel young children’s imagination and learning. They are like a blank canvas and it’s always great to hear and see how they are being used and decorated.