Taking Play Indoors

November is here, and with it comes cooler, wetter weather. For those of us that love being outside in all weathers it’s just another turning of the seasons, but for smaller children sometimes being cold and wet is just a little too much.Childrens social play

There’s no reason to lose important creative play time though – a classroom can be just as fun as the playground given the right equipment.

In todays crowded classrooms it can be tough to give children the versatile space they need to create, play and socialise. As teaching moves away from traditional desk-based learning and begins to explore more hands-on development opportunities with Early Years and Primary aged children, classroom lofts can be utilised to bring a whole new level to the classroom experience; making it possible for role play and invention to happen within the controlled confines of the school building.

Pirates on a classroom loft


Children love the thrill of clambering the loft stairs to discover the delights that await them at the top. A loft platform could be the deck of a pirate ship, a tall castle tower or a high jungle canopy – perfect for storytelling and imaginative play.

The addition of extra learning space to the classroom brings the unexpected benefits of new places for hide and seek, a space for treasured artwork to be displayed and a great aerial view of the classroom!


Children are inherent risk takers, even in today’s health and safety aware society, so it’s important to ensure that youngsters are given the space and freedom to develop their core skills in a safe environment. Storage in a classroom loftThe use of a loft in the classroom brings with it great new opportunities for social play and learning.

As well as adding extra storage and visual interest to an unused classroom corner, classroom lofts are designed to present new challenges to help children develop their gross motor skills and spacial awareness while learning. The versatile shape also means that it’s great for role-play style lessons - which encourage the growth and development of vital social and communication skills, creativity and the ability to share play with others.


Classroom loft