Perk Up Your Playground

With the summer holidays rapidly approaching and the children becoming fractious inside our stuffy buildings it’s time to widen their learning area with an outdoor classroom designed for making learning FUN!

The Explorer from our Step Up range

Why is an outdoor learning space important?

Studies have shown that outdoor learning is not only a strong ally in the fight against childhood obesity; it builds strong social skills, imagination, focus and self-esteem.

Children that experience both structured and unstructured play outside are calmer and have a deeper understanding of others.


Finding the right equipment for your learners

All organisations have different spaces and a huge variety of needs, so it’s important to decide what you want to achieve with an outdoor learning space. Are the children going to be using the space for structured lessons as a large group or in twos or threes? Does the space need to be used for structured or unstructured play? Or both? Do you want to be able to use the space in inclement weather? So many questions, but when you’ve found that perfect fit for your children they will enjoy it and grow in ways you may not have expected!

Bespoke Little Chunky Castle

PlayhousesSchool Playhouse

A playhouse gives children a space they can call their own; a space where only their imagination is the boundary. One day the playhouse can be a castle, the next a fire station and the next a tea room or wherever a child’s imagination takes them.
Playhouses encourage independence and boost children’s confidence to go into their own space and play, whilst also being a great place for children to play together as friends. 

Wooden Table Sandpit



Sand play is a sensory experience and a great tool for the development of physical, cognitive and social skills.

Children can dig in sand, build things with it, pile it up, knock it down, sift it, pour it and move it.

A sandpit provides a play space that children can share working together to construct roads, build castles or dig tunnels whilst sharing tools and learning social skills.



Obstacle Courses

The obstacle course is a very flexible piece of equipment that can fit almost any space and enhance a wide range of key elements in early years learning and development.

Used as a resource for physical activity, children can crawl, climb, walk or jump along it as they explore and observe the different elements.  The brightly coloured pieces can also be used for counting games, colour spotting, shape recognition and teamwork.

Obstacle TrailStory Teller Chair and benches

Playground Seating

Although children love running around the playground, having somewhere to sit is every bit as important. Playground seating areas provide somewhere for children to sit on their own or with their friends and either read, have a chat or play less active games.

Seating areas provide children with a safe space if they are feeling timid, a space where they can watch other children and build confidence to go and join in the fun.

It’s also a great way to take the classroom outside for some fresh air for story times, safe in the knowledge that children won't be sitting on damp grass or hard concrete.


Educational Play specialise in working with both educators and youngsters to create beautiful and functional equipment that’s perfect for your environment. Give us a call to discuss your needs.