Green Fingered Learning

Big Planters

School doesn't have to be all about the “three Rs”; gardening is a fun, healthy activity which allows children to learn about the outdoor environment, science and nature.  Children love getting mucky so digging around in the soil and planting seeds to watch grow is a great learning tool whilst getting valuable fresh air. 

Children can learn and understand about science of plants, animals, nutrition and how the weather and environment can affect these factors.

Growing Potatos

If you’re short on green space a wooden planter or two in a sunny spot of the playground is just the job for aspiring gardeners.  Choose the depth according to what you want to grow – for flowers a shallower tray will be fine, but root vegetables require a little more growing room! Children will love watching their seedlings grow into real-life plants that they can eat.

Children growing vegetables


If you’re lucky enough to have a more generous school garden you can use a variety of shapes and sizes to grow a plethora of green things that are accessible to all.
Using a mixture of taller and shorter planters you can create a space that the little ones can enjoy alongside their more senior counterparts.


It’s not all about what you can grow either! Certain plants will attract garden friends like butterflies and caterpillars, as well as buzzy bumble bees and slimy slugs.
If you’re looking to attract pollinators to your playground the RHS are a wonderful resource for what and when to plant.

Growing doesn't happen all year round, so at some points of the year your little garden is going to look a little sad.
Wooden planters also make great art projects, being the perfect canvas for budding artists and garden designers. Use chalk for a temporary spruce up or acrylics for a more permanent gallery feature.

Children painting planters

Educational Play are experts in working with schools to enhance the learning environment. If you have an idea for a garden or playground feature that you’d like to talk about, just give us a call.