So, you’ve found a reputable company to supply your play equipment, you’ve agreed designs and function and you’ve got the go ahead from the Headteacher – what’s stopping you taking the order forward?

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It’s the single biggest reason for not ordering we’re given here at Educational Play, and a massive issue in schools in general across the length and breadth of the UK. We’ve put together a list of great fundraising ideas and resources to help you raise the cash for the things your school needs.



You’ve got to make sure that all fundraising is well planned and executed for it to be effective, and you want it to be very effective!
First, decide what the goal is; is it a specific amount for a piece of equipment? Or is it a running cost for an ongoing service or activity? Once you’ve identified the goal it’s much easier to decide how you’re going to get there.

Next, take a look at the things you already have available - what has, or hasn't, worked previously? How many people are likely to help? What resources can you call up at little or no cost? Brainstorm some ideas with others involved and see what they think, many hands make light work!

Once you’ve drawn a shortlist, it’s time to ask a wider audience. Utilise social media and peer groups to bounce your shortlist about. You may have the greatest idea in the world, but if nobody is interested it won’t make any cash!

Now you’ve decided on a firm fundraising idea you need to plan it, market it and execute it – there’s no such thing as too much marketing so make sure EVERYONE knows about your fundraiser using social media, local radio, newspapers, posters and flyers. Word of mouth is a great way to share it too, so tell everyone you meet about your cause in the weeks leading up to the event.Story tellers chair


  • Jumble sale or car boot
  • Gift, craft or food fair (great for Christmas, Easter and Summer!)
  • Cake sale
  • Bingo or a quiz
  • Breakfast, supper or pudding party- everybody brings a dish, pays a fee and eats until it’s all gone!
  • Fun day with BBQ
  • A “Crafternoon”
  • Treasure/Easter egg hunt
  • Disco
  • Movie night
  • Themed garden party
  • Mini festival – sell tent pitches, food and drink and play games into the evening.

Other Fundraising Ideas

  • Sponsored ‘A-thons
  • Handmade gifts or cards by “mail-order” via school office
  • Shopping schemes
  • Used uniform shop – run on donations of clothing which are sold for a small charge
  • Piggy bank adoption – each child fills a school piggy bank with loose change at home and brings it in to school to empty once full. The biggest saver over the term receives a prize.
  • 100 Club – Subscribers buy numbered tickets that are entered into a monthly draw and pay eg £2 per month. The winner each month receives 50% of the funds with the other half going into the fundraising pot.
  • Non-uniform days

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